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Courthouse weddings provide a quiet, intimate environment for couples to say their vows and tie the knot forever. Unlike beautiful and vibrant African wedding dressing, as a witness, you must dress simply and elegantly for this auspicious occasion to respect the couple’s decision to have a courthouse wedding and acknowledge the significance of the occasion.

Understanding The Occasion

Courthouse weddings are simpler and more casual than the traditional church weddings. The couple may have chosen this venue for a wedding for various reasons, such as limited guest lists or a desire for a more relaxed atmosphere. 

The reasons can be identified as:

  1. The Couple’s Preferences and Style: Some couples prefer a laid-back style, while others may still want a touch of formality. 
  2. Time of Day and Season: The wedding and the season can significantly influence your outfit choice. Dress lighter for daytime weddings, and consider warmer options for fall or winter ceremonies.

Dress Code Etiquette

Like every occasion, courthouse weddings also have a dress code. Although it’s not as extravagant as the church weddings, the courthouse dress codes depend on the formality and the couple’s preferences. 

  1. Traditional Courthouse Wedding Dress Code: Men typically wear suits in black, and women opt for dresses or skirts that are simple and brighter in color. However, this can vary depending on the specific ceremony and location.
  2. Informal vs. Formal Weddings: If the couple prefers a relaxed wedding, slightly more casual attire can be chosen. However, for formal courthouse weddings, it’s best to dress more traditionally.
  3. Dress Code for Specific Roles: Brides and grooms dress in wedding attire. Nevertheless, as a witness, the clothing you choose should aim to complement their style without overshadowing them.

Men’s Attire

As a male witness, dressing appropriately is crucial as they represent the bride or groom’s side of the family.

  1. Suit Options: A well-fitted and tailored suit is an excellent choice for a wedding. Choosing classic colors like navy, charcoal, or black is the perfect option. A two-piece suit would look ideal with a matching jacket and trousers.
  2. Accessorizing: A tie, pocket square, and cufflinks can add a touch of personality to your outfit. Choose subtle patterns and colors that complement the wedding’s overall theme.
  3. Appropriate Footwear: Classic leather shoes in black or brown are suitable choices. Make sure they’re clean and polished for a polished look.

men witness dressing

Women’s Attire

For female witnesses, it’s essential to strike the right balance between elegant and understated:

  1. Dress Options: A knee-length or midi dress can be a safe choice. Avoid anything too revealing or flashy. Solid colors or subtle prints work well.
  2. Choosing the Right Length and Style: Select your dress according to the season and time of day. For summer weddings, opt for lighter materials and colors. For fall and winter, choose slightly heavier fabrics.
  3. Appropriate Accessories and Shoes: Keep accessories simple and elegant. Closed-toe heels or flats are suitable footwear choices. A clutch or small handbag complements your outfit.

women witness dressing

Dressing For Different Seasons

Seasonal considerations play a significant role in the choice of your outfit. For example, light clothing like cotton or linen with pastel colors would be the best choice for a spring and summer wedding. In comparison, fall and winter require clothes that a heavier, darker, and richer in color and fabric. Layering your winter outfit with a cardigan, shawl, or jacket can bring warmth and elegance.

Budget-Friendly Outfit Ideas

It’s not a shock to see the prices of wedding dresses skyrocketing, especially when it comes to seasonal weddings. However, you don’t have to break the bank to look great as a witness. Go for something budget-friendly. Explore affordable clothing stores and online retailers for pocket-friendly material. 

Thrift stores and rental services often offer stylish options at a fraction of the price. You can find unique and vintage pieces that will make you stand out. Go creative if you possess DIY talent, and make your outfit more personal by adding DIY elements or accessories. This can be a creative and cost-effective way to enhance your outfit.

Grooming And Styling Tips

Looking your best extends beyond the outfit itself. For women, it’s better to keep their makeup natural and hairstyle simple, ensuring that it suits your dress and the overall vibe of the wedding.

Men should ensure a clean shave or a well-groomed beard. Trim and clean your nails. Pay attention to personal hygiene. Choosing a subtle and pleasant fragrance can bring the essence of delicacy during the wedding.

Courthouse Wedding Etiquette

While courthouse weddings are simple and intimate, they may be less formal than traditional church weddings, but they possess etiquette that should be followed. RSVP quickly to help the couple plan the guest list. Make sure to dress neatly and according to the event. Be punctual, as courthouse ceremonies are short and sweet, and sit on your assigned seat. If there are rings and vows, show your support. If you’re a witness, be vigilant of your such as signing the marriage license. 

Provide Tips For Out-Of-Town Guests

Being an out-of-town guest at a wedding can be both exciting and challenging. You’ll have the opportunity to celebrate a special occasion with the couple, but you’ll also need to navigate unfamiliar surroundings.

  1. RSVP Promptly: As soon as you receive the wedding invitation, RSVP as quickly as possible. This will help the couple plan their guest list and accommodations more efficiently.
  2. Plan Your Travel Early: Research transportation options, such as flights, trains, or car rentals, well in advance. Consider arriving a day or two before the wedding to allow for any travel delays and to have some downtime.
  3. Accommodations: If the couple has a recommended hotel or has reserved a block of rooms, consider staying closer to the wedding venue and other guests.
  4. Wedding Weekend Schedule: Ask the couple for a detailed schedule of the wedding events, including the rehearsal dinner and any post-wedding brunch. This will help you plan your stay and maximize your time.
  5. Weather and Dress Code: Check the weather forecast and pack accordingly. Make sure to bring the appropriate clothing for the wedding, keeping the venue and time of day in mind.
  6. Transportation: Plan how you’ll get to the wedding venue from your accommodation. Consider renting a car, using rideshare services, or asking fellow guests if they would like to share a ride.
  7. Be Punctual: Arrive on time for all wedding events. Being punctual shows your respect for the couple and their special day.
  8. Communication: Stay in touch with the couple or their designated point of contact for any last-minute updates or changes in the wedding plans.
  9. Show Gratitude: Express your appreciation to the couple for inviting you to their special day. A heartfelt card or personal message can go a long way.
  10. Relax and Enjoy: Most importantly, relax and enjoy the wedding celebration. It’s a special event, and you’ve made the effort to be there to share in the couple’s happiness.


Courthouse weddings are about celebrating love and commitment in a more intimate setting. Being a witness at a courthouse wedding is a unique and meaningful role. By dressing appropriately and with thought, you can contribute to the joy and significance of the occasion while feeling great about your appearance. Your presence and well-chosen outfit will undoubtedly add to the couple’s cherished memories of their special day.

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