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While any friend or family member can be a witness, some couples may not have access to someone to attend their ceremony. There might be too great a time difference with their families and friends “back home’. The couple might also wish to keep their legal status private, or simply don’t have enough time to arrange it.

The solution is here! We provide professional, friendly and private services for your online ceremony!

Online Wedding Witnesses supports and celebrates the rights of all couples to live, love, and marry as they are; freely with dignity and respect.

We honor that by offering the option of having a female couple or male couple act as their witnesses whenever possible.*  Let us know if this is something you would like in the optional space provided for more information about your wedding.

(*Dependent on witness availability)

Our Story

We started Online Wedding Witnesses shortly after we were married online.  We, like you, decided to get married online and found ourselves needing witnesses.

Some sites offered packages that included witnesses but couldn’t tell us anything about them and when they were available.

We want to make it easy on you!  We are a married couple who have flexible schedules and can accommodate your wedding date and time.

Every wedding is unique, as is every couple, when possible we will respond to your specific witness requests.


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